Spa Cover Man - About Us

Welcome to Spa Cover Man

SPA COVER MAN  ( aka. Cover Specialists )  began supplying Spa Covers to both the Wholesale and Retail markets back in 1987.

The business was started by John Hanna ( pictured below )  together with friends Bernie ( a laboratory technician ) and Mark ( a graphic designer ). In 1989 we were joined by Hai Bin ( a university student who had just fled China after the Tiananmen Square massacre ) . 

John Hanna Spa Covers

Our first premises was a pokey little factory perched above a motor trimmers in Cheltenham.  The only way to get goods in and out of the factory was down a spiral staircase or out through the loft on ropes.

They were humble beginnings but we shared a lot of laughs and great camaraderie.  It was a time of much innovation within the industry and we relished the challenge.  Our focus was always on creating quality and providing impeccable service.

A lot has changed over three decades.  As a Company we have moved with the times and constantly adjusted our processes to do ‘it’ better.  What hasn’t changed is the basic belief that has seen us survive and grow over the years.  You reap what you sew.  It’s actually quite simple.  A Spa Cover is the sum of its parts.  If you use good materials in the manufacture of a Spa Cover,  you will get a good Spa Cover.

The other vitally important ingredient in a successful Company is the quality of its service.  Our niche has always been in providing a total service.  No complicated internet measuring forms to fill out,  no guessing a spa’s corner radius over the phone,  no cutting out a template and posting it,  no fumbling through papers trying to locate the make and model of your spa.

There are over a thousand different spas out there ( many people tell us over the phone that they just have a standard spa ). We custom make and if we can't determine what spa you have,  then we'll come out and measure it on site.  We are the only Spa Cover Company offering this service and it costs you nothing.

Oh,  and we’re still having fun.