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What Colour will you choose for your Spa Cover ?

Your new Spa Cover will be part of your home decor for many years to come, so it's important to choose a colour that best complements your surroundings and taste.

So what colour should you choose?

Colour choice is a very personal thing. What looks good to one person may be totally unsuitable for another.

Some people have strong feelings about what colour they want and others prefer to ask for advice. For what it's worth, the following information is for the latter group.

Slate Grey is easily the most popular colour​.

Perhaps the most significant feedback I can relate to you about what colour to choose is that about 70% of people elect to go with Slate Grey ( Charcoal ).

There are a few reasons for that.
Firstly, it's a modern colour and looks good in most settings. Secondly, it's a neutral colour, so it won't clash with any of your decor. Thirdly, it's in fashion. Black is in.  15 years ago everyone wanted Heritage Green and now it's rarely ordered.

On the negative side, Slate Grey will show more dirt than the lighter colours. People often avoid colours like Beige because they assume that it will show all the dirt. In actual fact, the reverse is true.  Most dust & dirt blends with beige and if you've ever had a black car, then you'll know that it's the beige coloured dirt that keeps you revisiting the car wash on a regular basis.

Match the Surrounds, Not the Spa.

Your spa may be Blue but when you put a cover on it you won't see the Blue of the Spa, just the colour of the cover and everything around the spa.  So it makes good sense to match the spa surrounds, rather than the unseen inside of the spa.

Blue needs Blue.

Personally, I like the look of a blue spa cover but you should be aware that to avoid making your spa setting look out of place by breaking a basic decorating rule, a blue cover should have either a blue wall, trim, furniture or pots nearby to make it work.

Burgundy will fade quicker than the other colours.

All vinyl will fade to some degree over a period of time if exposed to the sun.  A good Marine Vinyl will hold out spectacularly against the elements but there will inevitably be some fading.  Of all the colours, red is the quickest to fade.  That is a constant no matter what the product or application.  So if you fancy the Burgundy ( Port Royal or Wine ) colour for your cover, be prepared for it to fade toward Brown over time, if it's exposed to the sun.

Light Grey, neglected & underrated.

Unlike it's hugely popular namesake, Slate Grey, the Light Grey is not often requested by customers.  Over the passed 3 decades I've installed thousands of covers and, to be honest, I always like the look of a Light Grey cover.  It does require surroundings that match but it deserves more consideration than it gets.

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Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range


Spa Cover Colour Range