The following is a short collection of marketing grabs plucked from the internet that more than helped inspire the creation of a straight talking spa cover site.

The spiel is followed by reality.

Spiel:    State-of-the-art equipment is used to heat seal the cores with Blah Blah™. A scientifically formulated plastic developed exclusively for Company X to inhibit moisture absorption.

Reality:    They have wrapped their foam in plastic.

Spiel:    Our specially formulated material reduces vapour transmission and still has the properties of strength, flexibility, transparency and seal ability our quality control standards require. Equally important is the perfect heat seal seam.
Company X uses an impulse sealer that makes a perfect seam using the right combination of temperature, pressure and timing. Unlike the less expensive hand held sealing machines, all human variables are eliminated so your cover gets a perfect seal every time.

Reality:    Nobody uses a hand held sealing machine. If they don't have an automatic heat-sealing machine then they hand wrap with tape. Company X heat-seal their foam with the same 'perfect seam' our machine and anybody else's machine manages to achieve.

Spiel:    Our spa cover skirts are double stitched into the cover for strength and gusseted to provide the best protection, keeping heat in and dirt out!
While the sun beats down on your hot tub cover, extreme heat builds up between the skirt and the outer lip of the spa. This intense heat can damage the outer lip of the spa. Our skirt allows this heat to escape, preventing heat damage from occurring while preventing any dirt from entering the hot tub.

Reality:    A double stitched skirt is standard. A skirt will not keep heat in or dirt out, it is purely aesthetic. The cover sits and seals against the spa's coping. Extreme heat NEVER builds up between the skirt and outer lip of the spa. Heat damage to the outer lip of the spa will not occur even without a cover, let alone a skirt.

Spiel:    Our triple-reinforced hot tub tie down straps secures the spa cover to your spa or hot tub with our cradle ready straps and SURE-LOC locking fasteners.

Reality:    Their cover has locks.

Spiel:    Our revolutionary insulating gasket seal prevents heat loss where the two cover halves fold together. They seal automatically when the cover is shut and are critical to long-term energy savings.
Payback on energy savings is typically seen in less than 12 months, according to independent testing. The GHSG™ also protects the bottom of the cover from abrasion. The Heat Seal Gasket design is another example of Company Xs innovation.

Reality:    They have a steam stopper like everyone else.