New, existing and prospective Spa Cover owners ask many questions.

The following are some of the queries we regularly receive. I hope the answers help.


Q:   Can I order a spa cover via a single form on the internet?

A:    The short answer is yes. The better answer is - why take the risk? A Spa Cover should be custom-made to exactly fit and suit your spa. If we manufacture a Spa Cover to measurements received on a single internet form, then the chances are high that something won't be right. The length and width dimensions, cut-offs, the radius, lock locations, skirt length, spa control's allowance, potential problems with water run-off or high UV indicators etc etc. Better your Spa Cover expert takes responsibility for the outcome rather than you. It doesn't cost you any extra and better to get it right the first time. We prefer to sight your spa, either by photo or in person and discuss options with you.


Q:    How tightly should I install the lock straps?

A:    This is very important. Do not install lock straps too tightly. Many people believe that locks installed tightly will assist with heat retention and safety. It won't improve either. The reality is that your Spa Cover will slightly shrink throughout its life and put extra stress onto tight lock straps.


Q:    What is the best way to take my Spa Cover on and off of the spa?

A: Your Spa Cover has handles. Our advice - don't use them. Why does your Spa Cover have handles? Probably for the same reason humans have an appendix? If we had our way we'd make our covers without handles. Unfortunately everyone wants handles on their Spa Cover, so we still make handles. Use the skirt to carry your cover, it's much stronger.

Don't pull your Spa Cover by the lock straps or steam stoppers. Don't drop or drag your cover. If handled with care, your Spa Cover will give you many years of excellent service.

Cover Lifters are mechanical devices designed to make Spa Cover handling easier. You can ask our experts for details.

Q:    What should I do with my Spa Cover when I take it off the spa?

A:    It's a good idea to stand your Spa Cover up with the folded centre ( zip area ) facing downward. This assists with condensation drainage. Always store your cover out of the sun. The Polypropylene underside is purposefully designed to withstand chemicals, water and heat but it is not UV stable.

Q:    How strong is my Spa Cover?   Can I walk on it?

A:    NO. The Optimum Spa Cover is capable of holding up to 100 kg of static weight. It will support children and pets but may still crack if a drunken adult decides to dance on it.


Q:    How do I clean my Spa Cover?

A:    Keeping your cover clean is important. Apart from keeping it looking nice, if your spa is exposed to the elements then a build up of dirt on the vinyl top will increase the potential for UV degradation. Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge to regularly clean the cover. Dishwashing liquid or saddle soap work well. Don't spend money on a so called 'Cover Cleaner'. It's just a fancy label on a soap solution. Use a cloth or soft bristled brush. Avoid abrasive brushes and do not use bleach. Contact us if you need advice regarding a particular product.

Q:    Should I use anything to protect my Spa Cover from the sun?

A:    Using a vinyl protectant is a good idea. We recommend 303 but most vinyl protectants will do the job. Armour-all is a product that many people favour. If your spa is exposed to full sun then you are best advised to use a vinyl protectant. It is important that you be consistent. Our experience indicates that if you start using vinyl protection then you should not discontinue that use for any extended period. This may actually hasten the demise of your Spa Cover. A protectant will also add a veneer to the vinyl surface which will help prevent dirt from becoming ingrained.

Q:    Why does my Spa Cover have zips?

A:    The zips are important for two reasons. Principally they allow us to make your Spa Cover. Your cover is essentially a giant pillow slip with polystyrene inlays. We need the zips to slot the foam inlays in. You may need the zips if you ever have to replace the foam inlays. We recommend that you spray the zip sliders with silicon spray every 6 - 12 months to help prevent corrosion.


Q:    Am I legally required to have a lock down Spa Cover.

A:    No. There is no law that states you must cover a spa. A Spa Cover is not self-closing or self-locking which is the tenuous criteria by which the government determines a safety device. The law always aligns itself with the lowest common denominator, which is fair enough but I'd like a dollar for every time I've installed a Spa Cover while some kid is climbing backwards and forwards over the safety fence. If you are a responsible adult then you'll put a lockable barrier over the surface of your spa.

Q:    Is a Spa Cover strong enough to prevent children from falling into the spa?

A:    A Classic grade Spa Cover will support 25 kg of static weight before potentially cracking. An Optimum cover will tolerate up to 100 kg of static weight. In both cases the worst case scenario is a green-stick fracture of the foam. You may have to purchase a new foam inlay but your child will not fall through into the water.

Q:    How do I lock my Spa Cover?

A:    Unless you've requested otherwise, your cover will be supplied with locking straps and male clips attached. You will also receive a lock pack with female clips, screws and keys. The female clips need to be screwed into the spa surrounds in the appropriate locations. The male clips attached to the cover straps will then click into their female counterparts. You must then use the keys supplied to lock the clips and secure the cover. Remember, a cover is not a full-proof safety device. It can be left off the spa or unlocked, during which time a child could access the spa. A Spa Cover will increase your level of safety but there is no substitute for adult supervision.

Trouble Shooting:

Q:    My Spa Cover has water pooling on the top. What should I do?

A:    Water puddling on a Spa Cover is not a good thing. You must not ignore any water puddles, they will eventually cause major problems. If your cover zips are still OK then take out the foam inlay/s ( after unzipping the cover, place your hand inside and free the cover's polypropylene underside from the plastic wrapped around the foam. Due to moisture inside the cover, the bottom of your cover will stick to the plastic. Once freed, the foam inlays can be edged out of the cover. Don't force it, be patient ). Once the inlays are removed, flip them over and re-fit into cover. The concave top will now be convex and surface water should run off the cover easily. Gravity will eventually see your cover return to its original taper. If this procedure does not entirely fix the problem then you should contact the supplier.

Q:    My Spa Cover has a bad smell, what should I do?

A:    Apart from the initial chemical aroma of new vinyl, your Spa Cover is inert and inorganic. Any smell therein is by deposit and has not originated from the cover. Your water or equipment requires testing and corrective treatment. Do not limit your inquiries to one Pool and Spa shop. Water technology is very complex. A balanced PH and correct chlorine levels is not the whole story. A Spa Cover is often the scape-goat but it is not the cause of any unpleasant odour.

General Questions:

Q:    How many years should my Spa Cover last?

A:    This depends on a multitude of factors. The less exposure your cover has to the elements the longer it should last. Undercover your Spa Cover should last at least 20 years. In a semi-shaded but exposed environment, expect 10 - 15 years if the cover is kept reasonably clean and not allowed to pool water on top. In full sun and exposure to rain you can expect between 8 and 12 years. The addition of a vinyl protectant will prolong the life of your cover. Remember that if your spa is sited next to white walls or large windows the UV refraction can more than double the speed of UV degradation. All vinyl will eventually succumb to the sun god, therefore it is important your Spa Cover is manufactured using a genuine marine vinyl. A poor vinyl may only last a couple of years. Always handle your Spa Cover carefully. Damage to covers often occurs when the cover is taken off the spa.

Q:    Can I heat up my spa with the Spa Cover left on?

A:    Absolutely. We use the analogy of boiling potatoes. Without a lid on the saucepan you'll be waiting a long time for dinner. Your Spa Cover will dramatically reduce the heat-up time and get you in the spa faster. Make sure your heater has a thermostat though - you don't want to cook the lid. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees centigrade.

Q:    Why does my Spa Cover have a hole in the middle of both under-sides?

A:    People often ring up and complain that their cover has holes in it. These holes are designed to allow condensation to drain from inside the cover. Please ring up and complain if you don't have any holes.

Q:    When you supply me with a new Spa Cover can you take the old one away?

A:    Getting rid of your old unwanted Spa Cover can be a problem. We may be able to remove it for a nominal fee subject to manageability. The driver will take it straight to the tip at the end of the day. We charge $50 to cover tip fees, time and petrol.

Please feel free to email us with any questions not listed here. We will add them to this page.