Make and Model of My Spa

        What Spa do you have ?

Knowing what Make and Model your spa is will certainly help us to build you the right spa cover.
If you don’t know what spa you own, then by answering a few relevant questions, we can usually determine what you have.

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The reality is that most people do not know what their spa is called.
We all know the Make and Model of our car.
It’s a Mazda 3 or a Toyota Camri but my spa is ‘Standard’.
I wish I had a dollar for every time someone described their spa as standard.

There are literally thousands of different spas on the market, so your spa is probably special and possible unique.

So what is the Make & Model and how do you find out what spa you own?

The Make of a spa is the name of the Manufacturer.
Popular names include Monarch, Signature, Sapphire, Maax etc.
Each Manufacturer then has a range of spa Models.

To determine what spa you own you can contact us directly and answer a few simple questions about your spa. We are happy to research it for you.

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We can help you find out what spa you have. Answer a few simple questions and we will track down the Make and Model for you. No cost and no obligation.


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