Melbourne Spa Owners


If you live in Melbourne or surrounding area and we can't determine what spa model you have, then I will come out and measure on-site.

Melbourne has long been the centre in Australia for both Spas and Spa Covers.

Spa Cover Man ( aka. Cover Specialists ) has been manufacturing and supplying Spa Covers in Melbourne since 1987.  If you also live in the Melbourne area and require a new cover, then we offer an on-site measuring service if I can't be certain of what spa you have.

I do ask that you answer a few specific questions about your spa, supply any required measurements and, if possible, attach a photo of your spa.  I will step you through what's required.  If I'm not 100% certain of what spa you have, then I'll come out and look at your spa at an agreed time.  The onus is on me to determine what your spa is, so all on-site measure and quotes are no charge and no obligation.

Accuracy is Important

Rough enough is not good enough.  There are literally thousands of different model spas out there ( despite the regular protestations I receive from customers who insist that their spa is a standard square one ).  My car is a standard white one too.  Imagine ringing a mechanic and saying that you need a fan belt for your standard white car.  If per chance you didn't know the Make and Model of your car, I'm sure if you sent the mechanic a picture of your white car, then he or she would probably be able to identify your car and assign the correct fan belt.

So it is with covers.  If you can send me a photo of your spa ( together with a measurement or two if possible ), then we can manufacture a great spa cover to suit.  If I'm not totally certain of your spa, then I'm happy to come out and measure.


If you require an on-site measure and quote, I am able to access a large portion of the Melbourne metropolitan area but there is a limit to how far I can travel without bringing a sleeping bag.

Below is a map showing the areas covered.  The boundaries extend from Werribee and Melton in the west, Up to Gisborne and across to Whittlesea, over to Healesville and across to Warburton, then down through Gembrook, Pakenham, Lang Lang, Phillip Island and all of the Mornington Peninsula.

Melbourne Spa Covers

Please Note:  This offer to measure on-site is only available during the spa cover  season - from October through until March.  Depending on circumstances, September and April may also be possible.