Portable or In-ground Spa

Is my spa Portable or In-ground ?

Supplying a spa cover with the correct skirt length or if locking straps are required, it is important to know whether your spa is Portable or In-ground.

Many people are confused by this concept and language can be quite ambiguous.      

Here's a typical question I would ask a spa owner:
“Is your spa Portable or In-ground?  Is it free standing or built into decking or paving?”
Here's a common answer:
“It’s built into decking.”

So we supply for an In-ground spa but it turns out that the spa is in fact a portable spa sitting on decking.

The best way to distinguish between them is by looking at a photo of each type.

Diagram A:   PORTABLE Spa is essentially free standing ( in a box ).

Portable Spa Cover

Diagram A:    Portable Spa

Diagram B:   IN-GROUND Spa  is set down into decking or paving, with only the vertical height of the lip ( typically 100mm or 4″ ) showing above the decking or paving.

In-ground Spa Cover

Diagram B:    In-ground Spa

There are always exceptions. The spas pictured below blur the line between portable and in-ground.  If any of them look like your spa, then we can tailor make skirt and strap locations.

Hot Tub Cover

Part free standing / part decking

Portable spa cover

Half set into decking but considered to be portable

Spa cover on decking

Can be considered portable or in-ground

Spa Cover on pavers

Spa in pavers. Option for vertical or horizontal locking

Spa Covers Melbourne

Option of vertical ( portable ) or horizontal ( in-ground ) locking

Spa Cover brick spa

Elevated in-ground brick setting

Portable Spa Cover


If you have any doubts as to whether your spa is Portable or In-ground, then you can always send us a photo of your spa and we can not only tell you which it is but also advise as to the best options for a cover.

In-ground spa cover