Spa Covers and Safety for Children and Pets


A spa pool is clearly a potential hazard for both children and pets. One of the many benefits of owing a spa cover is the increased safety it affords.

The legal safety criteria for any mechanism designed to prevent access by small children to a backyard water catchment, such as a pool or spa, is that it must be self-closing and self-locking. Unfortunately a spa cover will not meet that precondition. It won't close by itself or lock by itself. A cover requires human intervention.

Laws are drafted principally to protect us from the most irresponsible members of our tribe. They gravitate toward the lowest common denominator, like a safety net for those who can't or won't take full responsibility for their actions.

Despite the fact that a spa cover with adequate locking attachments is actually safer than the majority of fences, we cannot sell them as a 'legal safety device' because they can be left off the spa or unlocked when children may be present and unsupervised.

Spa Cover Safety

A Spa Cover creating a safer backyard environment for pets and native animals.

My advice to anyone who is concerned about the safety of their spa is to put a lockable lid over the top. Safety is a personal thing. They are your kids or the neighbour's kids, not wards of the state. A fence is always a good idea and you may be legally obligated to erect one but the spa cover is what forms the barrier between child and water.

While a fence only exists to keep children & pets out of the spa area, a spa cover acts not only as a lockable barrier but it also keeps the spa clean, reduces heat loss, heat up time, evaporation, condensation and will save you a bomb in electricity or gas costs.

How do the spa cover locks work ?

When you order a Spa Cover you can decide where the locking straps are located on the cover to best suit your needs. You may elect not to have any locks if spa safety is not an issue.

Depending on the shape of your spa, you can view several diagrams showing different lock location choices. You can just tick the one you prefer.

The lock straps are made of a durable webbing sewn into the hem of the cover. On the end of each strap is a male clip. When you receive your spa cover it will come with a warranty pack including female clips, screws and keys. You will then screw the female clips onto the spa surrounds ( wood or brick etc ) and simply press the male clip into it and lock it if needs be.

Spa Cover Locking Clips

Male & Female components of the Spa Cover locking system

Spa Cover Locks

A Spa Cover Lock clipped in place with key lock to prevent unwanted access

Spa Cover Locking Strap

Lock installed onto wood - note the strap must be slightly slack, not tight

Spa Cover lock installation

Spa Cover lock installed onto concrete paver. Again, note slack in the strap

Spa Cover Clips

Spa Cover Locks installed under the skirt and onto the spa itself. An option if there's no wood or concrete around the spa

Spa Cover Lock onto spa rim

Lock installed onto the wooden spa rim. An option if there's no other attachment point

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Straps for spa cover in high winds

Spa Cover in High Wind Area Using Separate Straps

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Diagrams showing lock locations for every shape of spa

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