Tapered Foam Inlays

Spa Cover Specifications

What goes in to making a great Spa Cover ?

Spa Cover Specifications

Below is a list of the features found in our Spa Covers

  • Top Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Steam Stoppers to reduce heat loss and maintenance
  • Locking Straps for added Security
  • Skirt for Evaporation and Thermal Protection
  • Bottom Drain to allow moisture release
  • Tapered for maximum water run-off  ( 100 - 55 mm )
  • Foam Inlays are heat sealed ( not taped ) to prevent moisture absorption
  • Aluminium Channeling for extra strength and rigidity
  • Strong Polypropylene Underside to cope with Moisture, Heat and Chemicals
  • Reinforced Synthetic Stitching throughout
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • Commercial Grade Zips
  • Range of Colours
  • Full 2 Year Warranty

5    Things you must check before buying a spa cover

1:  Is the Vinyl Marine Grade and is it of a High Standard?

2:  Are the Foam Inlays covered by a thick plastic membrane and not the ultra thin plastic sheeting used by cost cutters?

3:  Are the Foam Inlays sufficiently tapered to allow water to easily run off and is the Polystyrene virgin board foam?

4:  Will the cover have a strong Polypropylene underside material to resist moisture, chemicals and heat from the spa?

5:  Is the Spa Cover sewn with commercial grade synthetic stitching?

There are of course many aspects to creating a quality Spa Cover but the 5 items listed above are the most important details to get right.