Spa Covers - an Overview

Spa Covers at a Glance

"I only have a couple of minutes. Just tell me the most Important Things I need to know about Choosing, Ordering and Maintaining a Spa Cover."

Q:   "Why does my spa need a cover  ?"

A:     A spa cover does 3 'main' things.

  • It provides safety for children and pets
  • It retains water temperature and reduces spa heat-up time.
  • It protects the spa and keeps debris and rain water out

There are many other benefits associated with the 3 main catagories listed here.

Q:  "What are the main things I should consider when choosing a spa cover ?"

A:     7 things you should factor in when choosing  a Spa Cover.

Q:  "When installing my cover what do I need to know"?

  • Do not install lock straps too tightly.

Q:  "What are the most important things to do to prolong the life of my cover"?

A:  5 main things you should know about maintaining your spa cover.

  • Keep it clean. Use dish-washing liquid, lukewarm water and a soft brush.
  • Don't drop or drag the cover. Rough surfaces can scratch or tear the vinyl.
  • Use the skirt, not the handles or straps, to carry the cover.
  • Store cover out of the sun when off the spa. The underneath material is not UV stable.
  • Don't allow puddles to form on top of the cover. Reversing foam inlays will usually fix the problem.

Q:  "How do I go about ordering a cover?"

A:  Click the button below, answer a few simple questions and I'll be in touch with a quote and ordering details.