Spa Cover Strength Options ( Weight Bearing )

How Strong Should My Spa Cover Be  ?

America is the world leader in spas and spa equipment.
In the US a spa cover is often manufactured to withstand snow loads. This means the lid is usually quite heavy and not easily taken on and off the spa.

In Australia, apart from in alpine regions, we don't normally have the problem of snow building up on the spa cover.
The Australian spa cover is manufactured to maximize water run-off and made light enough for ease of handling.

The thing that any prospective spa cover owner needs to decide is, "How strong does my spa cover need to be?"

Let's look at the options.

It is important to bear one thing in mind first.
No matter what strength rating or density your spa cover foam inlays are, they will still act as a satisfactory barrier between your children and the spa water.
Even a low density ( Contour ) cover that can break if even one child chooses to jump on it, will still protect the child.
The spa cover's foam core will green-stick fracture. It will crack but it won't collapse unless subjected to extreme or long term misuse.
You would be liable for the replacement of a piece of foam. A precious child can never be replaced.

Option  1:        THE CONTOUR

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to this product ( The Contour ) no longer meeting customer expectations we have ceased including it in our range.

A Contour Spa Cover is the base model that looks exactly like a higher density cover. It has the same high grade vinyl and all the trimmings. The only difference is the density of the foam inlays. The thickness is the same, only the density alters.

The Contour is manufactured by Australian Spa Covers and meets all minimum requirements for a good spa cover.

A Contour cover will support approximately 25 kg of static weight. This figure will vary slightly according to the spa size  ( span ).

Footnote: - The Static Weight Rating is the measure of an object's weight-bearing capacity when a certain amount of pressure is applied without impact to its weakest point.

25 kg of static weight would be equal to a 25kg child standing on a spa cover. If that same 25kg child was to jump up and down on the spa cover, then he or she could exert up to 50 kg of impact weight and potentially crack the foam core of the cover.

A Contour Spa Cover is suitable for :

  • Spa owners who know that there is little chance of children or pets walking on the cover.
  • Portable spas, where there is no likelihood of anyone venturing onto the cover.
  • ​People who are always careful when taking the spa cover on and off the spa.
  • ​Spa owners who want their cover to be as light as possible for ease of handling.
  • ​Spa owners on a budget.
  • ​Areas that are well fenced, secured and there's no chance of snow.
  • Spa Owners who are happy to replace their cover every few years.

A Contour cover ( based on an average 2.2 mt. span spa ) will weigh approximately 11 kg.

Option  2:        THE CLASSIC

A Classic Spa Cover has a denser and better quality foam core and can withstand up to about 50 kg of static weight.

The Classic is similar to the Contour but it uses better quality materials ( vinyl, polystyrene, thicker water resistant plastic and is more customisable. The Classic is also totally hand-crafted. The Foam inlays are slightly stronger.

A Classic Spa Cover is suitable for :

  • People who require a spa cover to be a little more sturdy than the Contour cover.
  • People who typically choose quality over price. While there is essentially nothing wrong with the Contour cover, a Classic cover is the premium option, See below for features that make the Classic such good value. There is no other spa cover on the market that comes close to equalling this level of quality.

A Classic cover ( based on an average 2.2 mt. span spa ) will weigh approximately 13 kg.

Option  3:        THE OPTIMUM

An Optimum Spa Cover is considerably stronger than either of its contemporaries. While there is a minor difference in the weight bearing capacity between the Contour and Classic covers, there is no mistaking the Optimum. Although it looks exactly the same as the Classic, It feels denser, heavier and more sturdy.

The Optimum will hold approximately 100 kg of static weight and should comfortably support the weight of small children and pets. Remember though, it is still only polystyrene. An adult performing a drunken reel on the vinyl dance floor may potentially crack the foam.

An Optimum Spa Cover is suitable for :

  • People who want the added strength in a cover to cope with the weight of children or pets.
  • Spa owners who know the cover will probably be handled roughly.
  • ​Rental properties and for large families with multiple spa users.
  • People who can afford an extra $80 on the price of a Classic cover. It's worth considering that if you use your spa regularly you will probably recoup the price difference in energy saving very quickly. The denser the foam the better the heat retention.
  • ​Spa owners who don't mind their cover being a bit heavier to handle. Paradoxically, denser foam is less absorbent, so in the event that the membrane around your foam inlays became damaged, there is less likelihood of water adding weight to the cover.
  • People in areas subject to snow or torrential rain.

An Optimum cover ( based on an average 2.2 mt. span spa ) will weigh approximately 17 kg.

In Conclusion

All 3 grades of Spa Cover have metal reinforcing embedded into the foam either side of the centre hinge. They are then sealed in a plastic casing.

Remember, we are discussing the relative strength of covers, not degrees of safety. The law requires that you adequately fence all pools and spas. Spa covers will provide a very affective barrier between young children and water but not if they are left unlocked or off the spa.


For all Spas up to and including 2400 mm span. 

For Vic Country or Interstate deliveries - transport cost on application.

For Spas larger than 2400 mm - Contact us for a Quotation.


25 kg Static Weight Rating

Spa Cover weight  11 kg

Main Features

  • High Grade Marine Vinyl
  • Standard plastic film around inlays
  • Tapered 100 mm Foam Inlays
  • Standard density foam
  • Locks & skirt standard to pattern


50 kg Static Weight Rating

Spa Cover weight  13 kg

Main Features

  • Superior Grade Marine Vinyl
  • Thick plastic film around inlays
  • ​Tapered 100 mm Foam Inlays
  • Medium density foam
  • Locks & skirt fully customisable

$540 pick up

Delivery $30 - 60 Melbourne metro area.


100 kg Static Weight Rating

Spa Cover weight  17 kg

Main Features

  • Superior Grade Marine Vinyl
  • Thick plastic film around inlays
  • ​Tapered 100 mm Foam Inlays
  • High density foam inlays
  • Locks & skirt fully customisable

$620 pick up

  Del:  $30 - 60    Melbourne metro area.