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If you want a quality Spa Cover it makes good sense to talk directly with a Spa Cover expert.

Avoid costly mistakes and ensure you get exactly the right cover for your spa.

Spa Cover Man

The majority of spa covers sold in Australia reach the spa owner via one of the following sources:

  •   Supplied with the Spa
  •   From a Pool Shop, Plumber or Spa Service Professional
  •   Replacement cover ordered from a Spa Retailer
  •   A Cover Manufacturer's generic on-line order form
  •   An on-line spa parts supplier

The other option is to deal directly with someone who specializes solely in Spa Covers.  Someone who will personally assess your needs, advise the best options and then take full responsibility for the outcome.

There are thousands of different Makes and Models of spas out there. Each spa model then has any number of specific features such as lip height, controls, possible lock locations and spa settings that can affect the fit of a Spa Cover.
Unless your Cover Supplier is across the full range of spas and is actually involved in the Cover manufacturing process, then you are trusting your order to a middle man who has little or no real knowledge of covers.

The problem with this is that the onus is placed fully on you, the spa owner, to supply exact measurements of your spa. There is no assessment done to determine what spa you have. What you supply by way of information is treated as gospel and a cover is manufactured accordingly.

On-line suppliers factor in a failure rate of 20%. If you're the one in five customer who gets it wrong, then it's an expensive mistake that you can probably ill afford.

I have quite a unique position within the Industry in that I am the only person who has structured their business model to be able to operate from both a manufacturing perspective and also spend a large portion of my time out looking at spas and talking to customers.

There is nobody else who spends their time exclusively providing spa covers directly to the public.  Any one else who measures your spa may be an expert on pumps or maintenance or selling their brand of spa but they don't know covers.

The few individuals who really do know about spa covers are the Manufacturers who spend their time in a factory and have no experience with actual spas. Their product knowledge is based around reading patterns.

If you order a quality spa cover it will be living at your place for many years.  It makes sense to take a little time now, talk to someone who can determine exactly what spa you have and get precisely what you want.

If you want to ask any spa cover related question or receive a quote, then click one of the buttons below and I'll be in touch to discuss your needs.

If you would prefer to talk to me directly, then please call the telephone number below and we can discuss your needs in person.

1300 88 28 13

For technical assistance, I answer all calls personally rather than use a receptionist.  If I'm with a client or in the factory, please leave a brief message and I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

- John Hanna  ( spacoverman )



Provided you are happy to answer some specific questions about your spa and confirm which features you require, then once your order is placed with us, it's our responsibility to make the right cover.

If you order a Spa Cover anywhere else, the measurements you provide are like a binding agreement. If they're wrong, you pay.

A Spa Cover Supplier should be skilled enough to determine what spa a customer has and not rely blindly on measurements supplied by the customer.

Melbourne Spa Covers


For spa owners living in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs.

If after reasonable discussion with you via telephone or email, we cannot determine what spa you have, then I'm happy to come out on-site to measure and quote. 
No obligation and no cost.

October - March only