Choosing the Colour of Your Spa Cover

It happens every time.

I'm discussing the details of a spa cover on site with a customer. He happily decides where he'd like the locks to go, what strength is required, price, delivery requirements and then I mention colour.

Men can do any number of amazing things but for some reason we can't choose colours. I'm not sure why. Are we just hopeless at it? Are women much better at it? Maybe men don't care and women care a lot. What ever the reason, the man always calls on his wife or partner to make this decision.

About four years ago I was talking to a lovely couple about their intended purchase of a cover. When it came to choosing the colour I was amazed to witness a form of democracy take place as both parties appeared to carry equal weight in the decision making process. She wanted Slate Grey while he preferred Blue.

"Let's toss a coin," the guy suggested.

They did and he won. They chose Blue.

That night I was telling Spa Cover Woman about what had happened that day. She laughed before going on to suggest that I would get a phone call within 24 hours changing the colour to Slate Grey. She added that if that guy knows what's good for him he will forget all about tossing coins.

At 8.30 am the next day the phone rang. It was the guy ringing to change the colour to Slate Grey.

"We had a bit of a think about it and reckon that the Slate Grey colour would probably look better".