Let’s go all the way

You have chosen to follow the steps on this site to determine what spa you have.

If at any stage you feel unsure you can get help by clicking on the  ? icon next to the question.
If you still feel lost just click the Contact Us button ( at the bottom of each page ) and I’ll either email or call you to discuss your requirements.

Grab a piece of paper, a pen and a tape measure and let’s do it.
As we go through each step, you will need to write down the various answers.

First thing you need to do is select the shape of your spa from the list in the sidebar.

Click on the shape of your spa:

Square with rounded, cut or square corners

Rectangle with rounded, cut or square corners

Octagon ( 8 – sides ) equal sided, slightly different length sides or extended sides




Hexagon  (  6 – sides )

10 – sided


Swim Spa

Miscellaneous and Freeform spas ( any shape not mentioned above )