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No commitment or payment is required at this stage.  We will respond with a firm quotation, expected lead time, deposit requirements and payment options.


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    Colour is Slate Grey ( Charcoal ).

    Cover Strength is 'Classic' ( 25 kg weight rating ).

    Lock Location - most popular and effective arrangement.

    Skirt Length is 100 mm.

    Delivery to the address listed above.


    Here you can customize your order.
    In the text box below, please add any relevant information
    that you feel will assist with your order. This includes changes
    to the default settings such as colour choice, strength of foam,
    lock locations, skirt length and delivery ( you may prefer to
    pick up from Bayswater and save
    the delivery cost ).
    I can discuss any of the options with you.
    If you are happy with all the default options, then leave the
    area blank.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are able to
    upload a photo of your spa ( minus any existing cover ),
    it will help us to confirm that your spa matches the
    Make & Model ( if known ) or allow us to identify your spa.
    It will also help us to substantiate any Default Settings.
    A photo will help enormously but if you are unable
    to supply one, we can discuss an alternative.

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